Emergency Notification System (ENS)
We are implementing a program that allows members of the public to register their cellular telephones with the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) Emergency Notification System (ENS) (PDF). Through a web-based application individuals are able to enter their name and cellular telephone number then attach one or more locations to that number. When you have registered on the system and CAPCOG personnel have transferred your information to the GeoCast Web database, your cell phone will be able to receive the ENS notifications that you generate in the same manner as your land-line telephones.

Emergencies: Call 911
In case of medical, fire or crime emergencies call 911, not security. The security guards are not equipped to handle those types of emergencies and valuable time might be wasted by contacting them, but a later call to them at 512-261-0945 might help direct emergency vehicles to your location

The Hills Burn Ban
Stay updated with the latest on burn bans at the Travis County Fire Marshal Website.
You can also sign up for emergency alerts from Village of The Hills via Notify Me under Alerts.