The Hills City Park

View amenities and other details about the Village Park and Nature Trail.

Our Park History

The land which comprises The Village Park and Nature Trail was originally planned as a park by the developer but in the ensuing years the property became a dumping ground for landscape and building contractors. In 1998 the Property Owners Association (POA) recognized that an important asset was going unused and created a park board made up of representatives from the POA, the City Council, and the Hurst Creek MUD.

Various fundraisers were held including a picnic, a Friends of the Park Campaign, a celebrity golf tournament and a chili cook-off.  After clearing the property of refuse the POA realized the vulnerability of access to The Hills through the park and funded construction of a fence surrounding the park. In 2000 the City Council agreed to take conveyance of the park from the POA. This meant that all contributions would be tax-deductible and liability insurance would be less of a burden for village residents.

Funding & Development

After conveyance to the City Council, a fund drive was held which raised $106,482 from residents and businesses. Peter Hitt designed the pavilion and restrooms; Johnny Fields, a Lakeway resident provided the working drawings; and Carl Morris, a contractor living in The Hills, supervised the project for $1 construction began in January 2002 and was completed in March 2002.

The new amenities were dedicated in May 2002. 2003 saw fund-raisers for picnic tables, a drinking fountain, grills, trash containers and a playscape. With donations from residents and funds from the City Council, the playscape was completed in early 2003. Funds raised through a golf tournament in 2004 led to the installation of a basketball court.

Ongoing efforts include beautification, maintenance of the road and walking path, and leveling and mowing of grassy areas. The park is now funded by the City Council (through property taxes), donations and fund-raisers. Donations and memorials are always welcome.