1. Deer Management

    Deer Management

    In 1999 a referendum was held in The Hills asking residents to vote on whether or not they wanted The Hills to institute a deer management program. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of instituting a program.

  2. Emergencies / Burn Ban

    Emergencies / Burn Ban

    We are implementing a program that allows members of the public to register their cellular telephones with the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) Emergency Notification System (ENS).

  3. Financials


    Explore information provided by the Financials Department including Annual Budgets, debt information, and more.

  4. Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

    The Hills has a contract with the Travis County Court to provide law enforcement in the village.

  5. Sales Tax Information

    Sales Tax Information

    Access sales tax information for The Hills residents.

  6. The Village Park

    The Village Park

    In 1998 the Property Owners Association (POA) recognized that an important asset was going unused and created a park board made up of representatives from the POA, the Board of Aldermen and the Hurst Creek MUD to create the Village Park.

  7. Village Offices

    Village Offices

    Village Office staff, office hours and holiday closures.

  8. Youth Advisory Commission

    Youth Advisory Commission

    Visit the newly created Youth Advisory Commission page and see what the next generation is doing to contribute their part to the community!